Accepting the expenses incurred to bring the safety of the apartment to its residents, the Business Tower 2019 project is built with safety priority as a concern and a top priority. tháp doanh nhân chậm tiến độ

1. Actual situation of safety issues in apartment buildings
It can be seen that the recent apartment fires have appeared more and more, causing heavy damage to people and properties. This is a warning bell about the situation of fire safety in apartment buildings and high-rise buildings. The cause is due to fire of electric line, electric socket, fire alarm system does not work, technical error or due to unsafe fire prevention. An objective reason may also be due to the inadvertence of residents living in the building.

Fire protection management units of the apartment building have shown that many developers of condominium and high-rise buildings only find ways to sell apartments but do not pay attention to the system. fire protection, causing the system to not be maintained, gradually damaged. Not to mention the cases even though the fire protection system and equipment have been completely installed but not yet inspected and approved by functional agencies but still put into operation with hundreds of households living together. This is one of the leading causes of apartment fires and explosions occurring more and more, causing serious consequences and damage.

Ha Dong Entrepreneur Tower Project

2. Entrepreneur's Tower 2019 prioritizes safety as a top priority
With regard to ensuring fire safety for buildings, precautionary measures are always the top priority. In particular, the extremely important task is to ensure safety of the escape process of people when a fire or explosion occurs. In order to accomplish this task, apartment buildings and high-rise buildings must ensure requirements for emergency exits and escape routes, and these spaces must be safely protected by a combination of solutions. Space planning, facilities. But in fact, the escape routes, escape routes in the apartment buildings are not preserved, respected, even many apartments are blatantly appropriated, belittling the lives of people and their customers.
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